You Can't Have It All - Rewrite
You Can't Have It All - Rewrite school stories
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maafao_writes i'll post soon hopefully
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enjoy this shitty piece of writing!

You Can't Have It All - Rewrite

You can't have it all,

But you can have the memory of the oak tree from your childhood, with huge branches, spreading out wide.

With leaves green in the summer, orange in the fall, branches bare as stone in the winter, and then leaves that return to green in the spring.

You can have the feeling of the cool breeze on your cheek when you go out for a walk early in the morning.

You can have the memories of the fun you had with your friends, laughing at the neighbours's dog. The one that always barked at you when you jumped over the fence.

You can have your dreams, all the different ones; the ones about travelling the world with your best friend, the ones about meeting that famous singer whose songs you listen to, the ones where you were all alone, where everyone was gone

and when you woke up, you ran ran to your parents and hugged them tight not wanting to let go, because you were afraid of being all alone again.

You can't count on someone to be there everytime you need a shoulder to cry on, but you can have flashbacks to when everything was fine and you didn't have a care in the world.

You can have the taste of apples and the scent of daisies from the days when you ran, young and carefree, through the garden with your sister.

You can have the memories of when you attended summer camp and your pen-pal would send you long letters to keep you entertained.

You can have your memories from the days your mother would read you stories at night.

You can't have it all,

You can't have it all, but there is this

Hey! I'm back with some π’Άπ’Έπ“‰π“Šπ’Άπ“ poetry this is something I had to do for my Language Arts class The original poem is called, "You Can't Have It All", by Barbara Ras.

Basically, we had to write our own version of the poem. Original and my versions are on the next two slides -------------------------------->

Anyways, hope you enjoyed and have a great day/night! 🌟 BYE!

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