Teddy (warning child assault)
Teddy (warning child assault) child assault stories

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What is that, Scratching noise I hear?

Teddy (warning child assault)

What is that,

Scratching noise I hear?

What is that,

Scuffling and sniffing in red?

Why is there a teddy, mother?

Why is there a teddy by my bed?

Why does the teddy move?

What does the teddy want?

Could it want some honey?

But I'm sure I'm not sweet.

Could it need some money?

But I don't have it on my body.

Why is teddy changing, mother?

Why does the teddy need my clothes?

I think we should get a new shirt, mother.

For the teddy have taken mine.

We should also buy some gloves, mother.

Cause teddy hands were as cold as ice.

I close my eyes so teddy would not see.

I want to give it a big surprise.

In my mind, I count,


But before I could yell,

Mother switched on the light.

Oh, Hi Dad,

But where is the teddy?

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