Unnamed (as of now)
Unnamed (as of now) war stories

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What happens always stays...

Unnamed (as of now)

For he is now gone

Far from the place that he once belonged

With one shot

His temple fell into foreign ground

The rubble making no sound

His last memory was of red and dirt,

With feelings of only hurt

His homely roots became a mere smudge in his head

Thoughts of peace and love escaping with his final breath

Tears of a barren soul sink into dying Earth-

Giving birth to only prickly vines and stubborn weeds

An empty womb,

A full tomb

-His parting gifts,

Haunting her with thoughts of agony and emptiness.

He lives only in picture frames

in books, and in her brain.

Those things that once were,

Haunt a good night’s sleep.

In a town shaken by shock

In a country ravaged by rage

In a world polluted with poison

Littered with the bodies of those who never age

With the minds of those stay in the same place

One’s true struggle

is trying to move on.

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