All because of you..
All because of you.. sad stories

m00nbeatuy4uCommunity member
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My Story of a Forbidden Love.

All because of you..

Why do you see me so often if you want her so bad?

She ruins your life right.. It makes me sort of glad.

You ruined mine, do you realize it in your spurs? You make me a little happy yet so SAD.

You want me to please you, but do you please me?

You don't care about me, you butter me up each time before the deed....

Your words and actions are cold after it's done. Even delusional me can see...

That truly nothingness is me.

But yet there you are in my sight.

I can't lose your face out of my mind, even though I want it gone so bad.

I wish you would stay off the drugs you make me so mad.

The way you know she hurts you, and the way you know if it were me I wouldn't.

The way I hate you yet want you yet I can't see myself dating you. I'm so unimaginably confused.

Where did the bolts in my brain come loose?

I know in the end I can't do nothing, but lose this endless game called "love".

I wish I could just not exist because of you. You make me feel ugly, unwanted, and bruised. All because of you..

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