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New school, new expectations.


She had no intention of choosing sides until she was sure who was going to win. Her reputation couldn't take another hit, not after last week when she sided with the jerseys and they lost.

The thing about a prestigious school like Jordans High School is that once you're on the top, the smallest slip up can send you back down.

Last week, during the overhyped dodgeball game, Julia had made the mistake of putting on a jersey. After they lost, she didn't hear the end of it from Monica, her competition.

Monica had a way of making everything about her. She was ambitious and loved attention, and so she was convinced that where she needed to be was on the top.

Supposedly it had started in the classroom, with her grades, but when she saw the power the popular kids had, she shamelessly gunned for it.

The only reason Julia was on the top was because she was new and hot. When her mom got married to Stephen, her new step-dad, he paid in full for her new private school.

At first it was like any new school- awkward and a bit of culture shock, but an incident in the lunchroom with Monica put her on the pedestal.

She hadn't meant to be mean, but when Monica tried to suck up to her Julia called her out on her bullshit. Some kids overheard and it spread like a wildfire.

No one ever stands up to Monica, so Julia became sort of a saint.

The dodgeball game hadn't seemed like a big deal until she lost. Her newfound fame suddenly halted and she became old news. She needed to win this time for an ultimate comeback.

She looked down at the jerseys. Making the same mistake could cost her everything again, but it was really a fifty-fifty chance.

She sighed and dropped it back onto the floor, jogging across the gym to join the shirts.

To her dismay, Monica was also there. "You know, only one of us can be on this team? Your team is the losing team, and I ain't going to have you mess this up.”

She walked up to Julia until they were eye to eye. They were so close that Julia could feel Monica's breath on her face and smell the subtle perfume she was wearing.

"Then join the other team." She had to stand her ground or risk looking weak. The two stared at each other relentlessly.

Monica growled. "Just as long as you're not on my team, it doesn't matter which." She walked across the gym to get a jersey. Julia let out a breath of relief.

"Don't look so relieved, it's going to mess with your skin!" Ben walked up to her and elbowed her in the side. "Now lets win this fucking game sweetheart."

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