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the fire is my choice of a gourmet meal and its best served cold

Throwback Friday

The inferno is my choice of a gourmet meal

and its best served cold

these flames are just an ignite a way

just a night a way

only if my knight would be on his way

to rescue me from these flames

these flames are home

i’ve carried these flames since i took my first breath

since i took my first punch

since i threw my first punch

and they always ask me ‘when are you going to come back home?”

i’m tempted for the consultation of consolation

i'm tempted to drown all of the enlightment with just one light

with just one match

…these flames

i can bring forth when i want to feel sorrow about where i’ve come from

or to feel regret about where i never went

i can't bury this fury

they are so deep down in the pit

filled with pity

and smoke

waiting to fume up my entire history

and i come from immigrants and

i can't feel despair about myself

not today

not ever

i can't let these flames frame me yet

yet these flames blame me

these flames contain me

all of me

and i cant let them burn i won't let them burn

i’m coming back home

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