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lysexperience individual and intuitive
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So delicate yet so vintage


Akin to a vinyl on a needle

So delicate yet so vintage

And in tune

To the act of hurt

how I feel like the very first time every time is why I always come back

To embrace the old-ness and to taste the boldness of it

is why I play this record so loudly

Still spinning my thoughts

Still playing the records of reconciliation

side one pain

side two pleasure

& together it creates my favorite melody

Al talks to me about love and happiness

In his words, I can hear resistance to resistance

And I feel home

A classic contradiction to my own dream

I call it a tune but it has no rhythm —

Other than a beat of guilty pleasures

Even that does not stop me from pressing play

I will be back soon

I always come back to put that needle on the record

and it will always sounds like that familiar walk on comfort street

with a high breeze of relief to encounter this beat

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