The Hurt We Feel
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A small inspiring thing to get people back on their feet and tell them people somewhere out there still love them.

The Hurt We Feel

Have you ever wondered why my username is what it is?

I have, too.

It's strange, isn't it, the world. Because I am not clear. The truth is, nobody is.

People spend so much time trying to find themselves, they never figure out they're not lost.

When the world seems like it's caving in, remember that friendships and family are made from love, not from where or when you were born.

The people you encounter mean more to you than you think. The same goes for them.

Every time you open your mouth, every time a laugh escapes your lips, your fingers touch the keyboard, every single time you make someone happy, it's like a lightbulb lights up somewhere in the world.

What you do matters. Who you are matters. Who you're with matters. YOU matter.

And if you ever go around thinking you'd be better off if you didn't exist, I advise you think again.

Somewhere out in the world, someone believes in you. Somewhere in the world, they're counting on you.

Why can't you see?

As you're clicking, someone somewhere in the world is dying, whether young, old, or middle-aged. Think about that.

People need you. They want you, and they love you.

When the cave is falling down, you don't run the other way. You run into the light. You're not trapped if you try.

Brother. Sister. Mom. Dad.

Think of one person for all of those names. A brother could be a close friend. A sister could be blood or love. A mom could be the person that takes care of you, a dad a dad.

All of these people have special places in your heart, and you have special places in theirs. Think about that.

Don't say nobody will miss you. Because the truth is, thinking about those people that are dying as you click? It makes even us sad.

So when the world seems at it's worst, keep trying. One bad play in a game doesn't mean you can't bounce back and win it. So try.

That's all I'm asking. You are loved. You are cherised. And you matter. Don't forget that.

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