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My hands cry in joy as the lemon passes over them,

And my legs find themselves shaking.

3 hours of squeezing and labor, and finally, we've made it.

I bend down to hold my brother and lift him to the door.

I gulp a sip of the fresh lemons and oranges, and suddenly, I'm thirsty for even more.

I push the throttle quickly still. "I'm working it," I whisper.

A delightful laugh escapes my brother's lips and I'm thirsty for more.

I tickle him till he falls to ground, and then I pick him up again.

His delightful smile lights up my insides, and so I work faster,

Gulping it down as it pours into my mouth. I hungrily squeeze harder, and my brother laughs.

"You're paining yourself," He says quickly, and takes it from me.

But I refuse to let go, and smile down at him. My hands knead the lemon's core and skin together.

"Peel," I instruct, and so he does so,

Working up a rhythm I hadn't seen before.

Finally, I throw the empty skins to the side, grabbing an orange and shaving it with all my might.

I shove it instinctly in my mouth, and my brother jumps back, laughing. I spill a little on my blouse and my hand wipes it off.

"You think we're done, brother?" I ask, handing a lemonade to a kind gentleman. I smile, turning over the quarter so it glints in the sun.

"You certainly are," He answers, and I can tell there's no changing his mind.

I smile, laughing, and we come together in a hug.

"We did it brother," I say happily, adding ice to a cup.

"I knew we could," He said. "I'll count. Mother will be so proud."

"~juice~" for the daily prompt my stories never make it, so I don't think this one will either, but thanks for reading anyway!

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