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A fierce description of a girl trying to keep a lost one near her and expressing how she loved him.

For You

For You ~simplyunsimple

There are miles and miles of roads,

But for you I'd cross them all,

I apologize for not visiting you sooner,

Down that horrible fall,

A graveyard isn't the place to be

When I want to keep you safe and close to me.

Not attached, of course,

But still there,

The thought of you there I just can't bear.

So forgive me if visitors aren't common,

We're all thinking about all the oceans

We're all thinking about all the oceans we'd cross for you.

Because I can't help But have you on my mind

It's horrible, indeed, but it's the way you're close to me.

I twist the bracelet as I climb up the hill,

Ruby, jade, gold, silver,

It only matters whether

It only matters whether you and me are together.

Which, in this case, we aren't,

Two colonies, separating apart,

But if it means I have to, I'd take our love to war.

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