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lynnx21 ♡They/Her Ey/Em♡
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A rant piece more than anything.
13+? idk fam


She was my best friend and my biggest crush. She was my world, my sun, and all of my stars.

I forgot she was human. I forgot she was imperfect. I forgot she had a boyfriend

And I forgot that I didn't deserve to be a sidepiece.

I still think of that night when we kissed. I still think of how your breath hitched.

I still sometimes wish we were more. But you love him, you'll always love him.

We could never be anything more, could we?

Now you're trying for a baby, and I'm supposed to be a godparent.

I hate these feelings, I need to move on. But you make it excruciatingly difficult. With your lingering stares and small touches.

I'm almost glad we're drifting apart.

I'm so selfish, I value our friendship but I can't help wanting more.

I hate how I wasn't enough for you. When I should be happy you finally found someone who is.

Why can't I move on?

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