His Surprise
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Based on a dream~

His Surprise

Ochaco Uraraka's Point Of View:

I was asleep peacefully until the sunlight had hit my face."I thought I Told Him To Close The Window.

" I looked to my left and there he was sleeping with drool coming from the corners of his lips."Hey Deku....Wake Up." He didn't respond so I shook him a bit.

"DEKU WAKE UP THERE IS A MOSQUITO IN HERE " Deku's body jumped up,I laughed."What was that for, where is that nasty bug at? "Calm Down you big baby,it was a joke." " You're the mosquito.

"Am not!" Deku chucked."Hey listen today I wanna show you something, kinda like a surprise." "A surprise awee I love those." "I know." "Come on, let's get going, it's a long walk.

"We are walking!" "Yep!"

Six Hours Later

Izuku Midoriya's Point of view:

We are finally here,I can't wait for her reaction."Hey you are here now." "Here put on this blindfold." "Why." "Just do it." She glared at me before putting the blindfold on.

I reached out my hand for her to grab onto and we walked a little longer."Okay you can take it off now." Her hands reached for the material covering her eyes and pulled it down.

Her eyes were sparkling due to the star in the sky."Woah Deku what's this?"It's the first place we met, remember."Oh Yeah."It's beautiful here at night,makes you feel like you're in a movie.

"I brought you here to ask you a question actually." My mind started racing,am I ready for this.I controlled my breathing and spoked.

"Ochaco Uraraka words couldn't describe how I feel about you,but maybe this will.I pulled out the ring,it matched the moonlight just as planned.Her eyes started to water.

"Deku It's amazing"And It's only for you my love.I got off the ground and stood up.She leaned her body forward and closed her eyes,I closed my eyes then next her lips were on mine.

Moments later

Ochaco Uraraka's Point Of View:

I moved my head away from his.Deku's lip tasted like cherries."Thank You."

I said smiling."Your welcome."One last thing...I love..."Yes" I said quickly.

Deku's body fell forward,his breathing stopped,His eyes shut.

Izuku Midoriya's Point of view:

Suddenly I felt a bullet fly through me,my body had shut off.I fell into Ochaco Uraraka's arms."Are you alright"I'm fine don't worry."No you not you were shooted at.

"Ochaco Uraraka's voice began shaking."Deku come on I need to get you help."No....Just stay here with me."Tears filled her eyes and rolled off her cheeks onto my face."I love you.

"I love you too just let me get you help.That was the last thing I heard coming from her mouth.

I love you.

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