A Moon & A NightingGale
A Moon & A NightingGale epcontest epnightingale stories

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A Moon & A NightingGale

Collapsing Out Of The Moonless Sky

Stumbling Onto The Moist Leafy Ground

She Rested

Time Pasted

Time For Flight

Knowing Her Wings Couldn't guide Her Furthermore

She Stretched Her Wings

Groans Slipped Between Her Beak

Broken As She Was She Tried

Sprouting Her Wings Once More

Trying To Flap Them As Hard As She Could

She Winced In Pain

Failure Filled Her Mind

She Laid There For A While

The Moonlight Started Sparkling

Rejuvenated She Felt

She Tried Once More

Sprouting Her Wings Once Again

She began to flap

In The Sky Again

She Felt Emotional Thinking She Was Never Gonna Fly Again

As a Nightingale She was consider a healer

As The Night Falls The Moon Raises

The Moon Is Consider A Healer

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