Out of Line
Out of Line first-post-trash stories

lykoi_ I write things sometimes.
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First post and completely bullshitted for the purpose of playing around with what I can do. Thanks for reading.

Out of Line

by lykoi_

There's a fine line between living and being alive

Balancing a tightrope, we take measured steps throughout life. Work, School, Friends... Love.

We balance unsteady

Unsure of what the next chapter holds; whether good or bad we are lost to that knowledge.

Discussions are spoke

& decisions are made.

Directing us on a path of the unknown

A path not all will see the end off.

Some roads ignite

Leaving light and luster in their wake

While others remain dark

Shrouded in hate and bad intentions.

You must embrace the path less traveled

Revel in the gift you've been given.

For you only get one.

Use wisely.

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