The never ending escalator

  The never ending escalator  twot stories
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lykan Community member
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A story on how life is for living things. All life inherently comes from millions of dead things working constantly to be different. If they do absolutely nothing you become dead again. It's about accepting the inescapable console of deaths arms.

The never ending escalator

What's at the bottom of this escalator?

Everything around me has forever been still; it's the only moving component I've ever seen.

I always do nothing. Wonder what it's like to do 'something'?

I take one step but it brings me back up.

I take two steps, three steps, faster, I'm running.

This is way better than doing nothing!

But I'm tired now.. maybe, i'll take a break..

No! I must not stop. I don't want to go back to being nothing.

I run faster but I'm tired.

I sit. My heart races, the escalator continues to take me back up.

This is worse than staying still.. I must calm down.

I jog at a constant pace determined to keep going.

I look around me. I see others, they are like me. They decided to take this journey too. Down their own escalators. We will make it together.

It's been quite some time since we started.

I'm starting to loose my ability to move.

I sit down and think back on my journey..

I guess I did not get to the bottom of the escalator.

It seems stillness is inevitable.

But at least I did 'something'.

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