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Hey, mister no-name kid...

From, Heathers: The Musical

Fight For Me

from Heathers: The Musical


Why when you see boys fight

Does it look so horrible

Yet... feel so right?

I shouldn't watch this crap

That's not who I am

But with this kid...


Hey, mister no-name kid

So who might you be?

And could you fight for me?

And hey, could you face the crowd?

Could you be seen with me and still act proud?

Hey, could y o u h o l d my h a n d ?

And could you carry me through no man's land?

It's fine if you don't agree

But I would fight for you

If you would fight for me...

Well, whoa, you can punch real good

You've lasted longer than I thought you would

So hey, mister no-name kid

If some night you're free

Wanna fight for me?

If you're still alive

I would fight for you

If you would fight for me


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