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The night I completly fell in love 💔

The night I fell in love💕

It was summer. We were laughing so hard at 4 am. It was a night I will never forget.

I went to the playground as usuall with the summer group. He was there , my crush . I played it cool all the way as if he wasn't there . It was time to go home now .

It's 1:00 Am, I was going home on my own until he offered to walk me home. It was the most amazing night ever... we talked all the way home.

I was alone at my house, he offered to stay with me down stairs infront of the door 💕 I just said yes. We talked and talked. I felt so cormftable talking to him like never .

I was also cormftable to cry with him while telling him about the absence of my father and the loss of my best friend.

He felt the pain I was going through and that time was there when I needed him the most he hugged me tightly and said I am here for you, I promise I will never leave.

That time it felt amazing... it was already 2 Am .. I told him that he should go home and that I can walk him a few blocks , he said okay.

While we were walking I felt so empty and he was smoking , I asked for a cigarette and he said that he don't want to give me because he don't want me to smoke ...

but it wasn't my first time and I told him that I already struggle to quit so he shoudn't feel guilty if he gives me one .. as usuall he said yes but he asked me to sit with him .

We stopped walking and than again he just fell in a deep talk, we both ended up crying and the hug was the only thing which would make us feel better .

It was that day when I fell in love and now I am still trying to recover but ai will never regret it .

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