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I love black coffee!


by lvl1npc

I sipped my cup of coffee, a pure black. "Just the way I like it- bitter," I stated bitterly as I took another sip. I glared across the table towards my roommate who was chipper in contrast.

As if having sensed my foul mood, he gave me a smile. The act only evoked a further sense of bitterness as I took another sip. I flinched. The hot drink had scalded my tongue.

A persistent sting begin to spread throughout my mouth- the pain obviously doing no good to my temper as a deep scowl had begin to etch itself on my face.

I heard a sigh from across the table. "Come on Evan, I apologised alright!" He whinned as he held up the source of my irritability. The bane of my existence.

I've already reminded him several times over, that I was very particular about my coffee. Never mind getting it wrong, but to also use up my supply of milk and sugar- the nerve he has!

A spray of black powder spurt out of the package- black coffee powder. Stubbornly, I refused to make eye contact with him, let the guilt eat him up, I hoped. He should've known better.

I took another sip from my cup... Oh how I love the disgustingly bitter taste of black coffee.

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