A tale of a ghost
A tale of a ghost worldrecordpoetry stories

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The temptation of three wishes is impossible to resist, so make your wishes wisely...

A tale of a ghost

This a tale old and forgotten, When tales of men were still unsung And hearts of all were never rotten.

This is a tale of when our world was young; Akin to the crack of dawn soft like cotton, When no shadow has yet to hung, The souls missing a vessel free to wander,

Though never meddle with the living's affairs...

But in every tale there's always an exception,

And so does this one little tale.

In the darkest alleys he played his deceptions, Accompanied by a scream harsh like a gale.

But don't be fooled by this misconception,

For his true nature is one so frail.

He who is feared as the midnight ghost, Yearned for the warmth which he had none, And seeked company from vessels with a host.

Even that wish was met with shun, For his wretched appearance outermost, Spread fear in the hearts of everyone.

Even without a heart he felt pain,

As his empty vessel throbbed, The loneliness suffocating him like a chain.

Then on one night no different from the other,

The lonely ghost wandered yet again aimlessly; His voiceless cries not given a bother,

Except to one who looked on shamelessly.

Filled with pity the figure appeared, Shrouded in mist he offered three wishes.

With an icy stare the ghost peered, Afraid of unseen motives that could be vicious.

He realized he had none to lose,

And so he wished one for human looks, One that satisfies anyone's views.

Then next he wished for a thinking mind, That filled the living with colorful thoughts, And gave their eyes a shine so defined.

And last but not least he wished for what he lost, The rhythmic beat deep in his chest, The heart he once had but now trapped in frost.

Satisfied with his wish the ghost told the figure,

But what came after was nothing he expected.

With a sharp laugh and a devious smile, The figure flicked his wrist and painted him an ugly black.

The machinery of time could revert no dial, And the past was something that could go no back.

The ghost only released from his wishes on the darkest of nights...

What became of the ghost you may ask,

Well look down your feet and you shall see.

Even now he wears a mask, Though his wish was granted you would agree.

He has your appearance as he wished,

He has your brains as he wished,

And he has a heart as he wished,

Except the heart was shared as he coexist.

He is your shadow.

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