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By: Brandon B.

Love stoned

by Brandon B.

It's hard for me to let go,

It's hard for me to hide the feelings beneath my skin for you I want to show,

Love stoned,

I always think of you.

All the laughs we use to share,

Crazy things we use to do,

Love stoned.

You made me feel at home,

We grew attached unhooked the latch now our love is over thrown,

Love Stoned.

You knew me well,

My cologne the way it smelled,

When I switched you could always tell,

Love stoned.

You weigh heavy on my heart,

I can't erase the thoughts of you,

Even if i tried don't know where to start,

Loved stoned.

I lay in bed & think of you,

Hoping my thoughts will reach to you,

Hoping that God will send them through,

Love stoned.

You captured me in real time,

Our Kodak moments inner twined,

The love we shared was so divine,

Love stoned.

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