trash bin of feelings
trash bin of feelings  help stories

luxeish on the verge of a mental breakdown tbh
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really just spitting my feelings out on paper

trash bin of feelings

It's been a tough year so far.

Everybody except for me have had terrible things happen to them.... Exposure to the virus, homophobic parents, or even cancer in the family.

I've been spread thin, trying to assure this friend and help another, worry about this one and help that one come out to their parents.

Through all of this, people have been asking me how I am.

I always say, "I'm fine."

I mean, none of these terrible things have happened to me, right?

They have a much worse situation.

I don't want to worry them.

But..... Am I really "fine?"

I don't know.

I shouldn't worry about it.

I'm happy.

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