sketchbook reveal 2 :D
sketchbook reveal 2 :D art stories

luxeish on the verge of a mental breakdown tbh
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my art problems are back

sketchbook reveal 2 :D

most of these are random sketches, my art style changed a LOT over the break, so here ya go, ig

random sketch of myself

haha yeah, no idea

two other random sketches of myself

no idea- just some weird position practice

My friend’s oc, Cross

no explanation required

sketch of my friend

challenging myself with weird positions

I’m not a furry I just like drawing them-

ah yes, more positions


we dont talk about this

ah yes, my ocs Caelynn and Megrim

requested by @extrovertedgirl during gym class lol

the next page has two drawings, I legit did they two minutes ago lol

and then here was a drawing (that was supposed to be an exercise lol) that I spent over 1.5 hours on.... help

yeah.... that’s all for today! Thanks for looking! -lux

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