AnotherWorld pt. 4
AnotherWorld pt. 4  aw stories
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luxeish that one trans guy with DID
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another world pt 4

AnotherWorld pt. 4

I got myself together and climbed out of bed, the smell of breakfast wafting up the stairs of the palace.

I tried to reason with myself as I walked down the stairs.

/The dreams aren't real, it's just your magic showing you your deepest fears. /

It was no use.

But I put on a happy face and managed to look relatively awake before stopping at the bottom of the steps.

Three of my good friends were sitting around the breakfast table. Small hyper nineteen- year- old Adri, tall and serious Ruby, and my best friend Rachel. All of them looked somewhat tired.

I walked over and promptly sat down, interrupting their conversation.

"Good morning, and wHERE is the food?" I said, looking emphatically around the room.

Too much happiness for the morning! Calm down!

Ruby sighed. "Good morning to you too, Ari. And the food is on the stove." She took a sip from the mug in front of her. "And please save some for the others, I don't have time to make more. "

I got up, got food, and sat back down.

"So how did everybody sleep?" I managed to say between forkfuls of eggs.

Rachel spoke first. "Not bad, although there was a really loud noise that woke me up around 1 am last night. I just figured it was this one trying another experiment.

" She jabbed her finger in Adri's direction.

I paled. Everybody must have heard Grayson jumping off the balcony.

Adri gave Rachel a look. "I was most definitely asleep by then. I'm not THAT insane."

Then Adri and Rachel started arguing over who made the noise. I shrunk back, relief flooding through me. They had no clue.

Ruby sighed again and waved her hands. "Guys, it's really early. Can we not? We have another raid to plan today, and you know how long those take to thoroughly plan."

Rachel and Adri both gave each other a look and stopped arguing.

Ruby grabbed her now-empty mug and stood up.

"I'm going to go get a head start on the planning if anyone wants to join me."

I raised my hand. "I will! One second!" I said, as I finished my food and stood up.

Ruby smiled and began walking down the second spiral staircase.

I followed, scrolling through all the text notifications on my smartwatch on the way down. Everybody did hear Grayson jumping off the balcony, supposedly, but nobody knew what the noise was.

Our secret was safe.

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