The League of I swear to god

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Just a quick spoiler to maybe get some opinions .
The sentences in brackets are Levis thoughts.

The League of I swear to god

He came into the sheriff office with a to-go coffee, when he took off his sunglasses he saw the grim faces from everyone else on the task force.

Why does every day have to start like this? Sticking the sunglasses in his collar, he sighed: “Ok, what did she do this time?”

Collectively the other stared at him but didn’t dare to bring out a word. Rolling his eyes, he went up to the nearest desk. “Tell me, Miller, what is it?”, he saw his colleague slightly cringing, “She decided to give herself an evil alias.”

[Oh no… ]

As if her ego wasn’t big enough already, what did she call herself?” Miller hesitated. “Is it that bad?”, he asked hoping he misinterpreted Millers look.

Sighing Miller lifted his shoulders, “Well, I did not have Latin in high school, so it might just be legit but…”, Levis eyes were pressed shut.

[Latin, how pretentious.]

He knew very well that she never had Latin as well. “It sounds pretty much like Google Translator.”, Miller concluded. Raising his eyebrows with still closed eyes he asked him to just bring it over with.

[Just spill the damn beans, Miller.]

“She called herself ‘ideam fabuloso’. Which, according to Google Translator, translates to”, he made a dramatic pause,

[just say it,]


[No. Wait. I’m not ready.]


[Of course, it does… ]

sighing heavily he opened his eyes. “Did the newspaper come up with a name for her yet? I don't think they will take this one over...” “Oh yes, they did. Here.", Bing, one of the other detectives handed him the newspaper of the day. She made it to the front page.

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