Sometimes you love someone too much
 Sometimes you love someone too much violence stories

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A little story about love that goes to far.

Sometimes you love someone too much

Sometimes you love someone too much, when your whole life is consumed by someone maybe that's the first sign.

I don't love you too much, maybe I don't love you enough. My every move seems to be determined by thinking of you, if I would take this way maybe I got a glimpse of you during your lunch break.

Maybe if I brought you flowers you'd love me more. But I don't even need you to love me more, I'm just happy that you love me at all.

You do, right? Oh, I'm silly we just had a few rough days lately of course you didn't stop loving me over a few fights.

I might love you even more, the way your eyes burn when you passionately discuss.

The way your cheeks redden when you get heated up, what I don't like is what you're saying but I think I can ignore that because it's you. You only say things I don't like when we are fighting.

Normally you're funny and sincere and smart and I could go on forever. You're perfect to me, that's why I don't understand why you switched the locks.

I had to knock and still you didn't open the door. You screamed at me that I should leave, I knew you didn't mean it but it still hurt.

I'm sorry that I screamed back but in that moment, I was just so desperate to see you, I still am. When that guy opened the door, I knew exactly who he was, he was that guy from your office.

He told me to take the hint and leave. You told me I didn't have to worry about him and here he was in our house, you let him in but with me you were playing games.

I was so angry when I saw him but just because I love you, I know you would never betray me because you love me. But I am sure he wanted something from you, so I hit him.

And I kept hitting him even when you screamed at me to stop, your face just got me to hit him even more. You are so beautiful, even when you're crying.

Your eyes where shimmering and your cheeks were reddened. The tears were running down and destroyed your mascara you only wore for work.

I hit him harder because he made you cry, if it wasn't for him you wouldn't have cried.

Your hands were shaking when you dialled 911, I know you just wanted to make sure that he got lost but I continued to punch him. His face was bloody, and I could see that I broke his nose.

But he made you cry so I couldn't forgive him, I kept on punching him until two police men pulled me away from him.

You fell to your knees apologizing to him, I didn't understand why you did that. I still don't, he made you cry he deserved it.

The police officer held me down while I tried to get to you, I wanted to hold you in my arms. I wanted to protect you, I couldn't see you crying anymore.

An ambulance arrived, and they took him away, you followed them. I screamed your name and you turned around with a scared face, I guess I was too loud. I shouldn't have scared you. I'm sorry.

The police dragged me into their car and wouldn't let me talk to you, I did my best to protest and get to you, but they wouldn't let me.

I'm sorry I couldn't hold you in my arms, my heart ached when I saw you breaking down when the paramedic talked to you. I wanted to punch him too, it seemed like he hurt you.

But the police hold me back I couldn't get to you, I'm sorry. I hope you come visit me this weekend, I'm sure you had your reasons why you couldn't come the last weeks.

I'm not mad, I understand. I love you so much, I still think about you all the time. Please come visit me, I want our reunion to be a happy one when I get released soon. I love you.

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