Prologue - Thursday, December 20th, 2949 - Screwed Up Business
Prologue - Thursday, December 20th, 2949 - Screwed Up Business eeveelutions stories

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An Eevee's Journal - Prologue - Screwed Up Business

Prologue - Thursday, December 20th, 2949 - Screwed Up Business

It seems like any other day on the streets. I just need a job. I need money. All around my cold bench are buildings, some trees, and some more buildings.

They all act as a huge wall that I can walk through. Therefore, I could just run to the woodland area, but I'll be damned if I can survive alone without easy food.

It also seems that my plump appearance fools others into thinking I eat too much. It's just difficult for me to burn fat... or I sleep too much without being productive.

I, Reggie, a 17 year-old Eevee, need to play the ukulele for any smidget of Pokecoins. It gets tiring after a while.

Every goddamn day feels like walking up a hill with a 20lb blanket on and around my head for all of the time I'm not asleep.

My mind complicates things way too often because I feel extremely stressed when I have to think of whether or not I want to play an original song or an existing piece of music.

When I want to play, looking through my stack of papers under my bench for whatever song I feel like playing is my only option. I'm overreacting aren't I?

Sometimes, I lose a sheet of music and I heat up inside of mental pain.

Y'know, feeling like a toaster sometimes isn't that bad when I'm cold, speaking of which, the weather seems to be chilling up as of right now.

As I sit down on my cold bench after casually strolling back from a supermarket that I stole some potato chips from, a few Pokemon approach me like I am some sort of outcast.

One is an Infernape, one is a Greninja, and the last is a Decidueye.

"You've gotta be kidding me."

I can't get them to leave because the bench isn't really my property. They all stare at me. The Infernape crosses his arms and smirks just slightly enough for it to be noticable.

He begins to mock me like a cocky bastard.

"Hey. You look like you haven't hit the Pokemon gym lately, Eevee. Why don'tcha?" the Infernape spits out right in my face. The other two chuckle stupidly.

"Which one? The exercise gym or the beat-em-up gym? Because I'm exceptionally good at the second one if you'd like to see it hot-head.

Pick on someone your own size," I snap back at the Infernape. Arceus, this guy is annoying.

"Hm. Y'know kid, that wasn't all too bad of a tone. How about I help you by toughening you up a bit?" the Infernape offers.

"Pfft, like I'm gonna fall for that. No thank you. I've had enough of you, 'kid'."

He lets out a low pitched growl from his pie hole, "...boys. You know what to do."

The Greninja and Decidueye crack their knuckles. They look at me menacingly. I already know what's about to go down. I'm outta here.

Before I'm able to escape, the two grab me by my shoulders and pick me up. They turn me around to face my bench. I try to wriggle myself free.

It also seems that the more I struggle, the more they tighten their grip. My shoulders are starting to feel sore and my dangling legs are warm due to blood flow.

That Infernape is laughing his ass off on the bench.

I bark at him, "What's so funny, gangster? The fact that you and your mates are harassing an innocent Pokemon?"

He gets up out of his spot and leans forward to meet my face. I feel the immense heat and crackling of his burning head for how close he is.

I trade looks with him, putting on my angry expression to try and intimidate him, but he doesn't seem to care at all. He puts on an evil grin.

"It's just what we do, Mr. Eevee," He shrugs as he sits back down onto my bench.

The Greninja points toward the street which leads downtown and says, "Eevee, look, someone here to help."

I gasp and take notice of this,

so I look in the same direction he's pointing to find that not a single soul around the city has even acknowledged the fact that I'm being beaten around by these guys.

Suddenly, the Decidueye hits me hard enough in the back of my head to put me in a daze. My brain just doesn't have enough time to process what's going on. I don't yelp in pain.

Another sharp pain forms in the back of my head. I can't speak, but I begin to boil of frustration and anger, trying to kick myself free. Flailing my front legs about isn't working either.

The two dickheads laugh amused.

The Infernape grabs my ukulele which I had set down neatly on my bench. He takes two long steps to meet my angry face, shoving the ukulele into my chest fur over and over again.

"You like that? Huh? Huh?! You like that?!," the Infernape laughs hysterically.

"UGH! Fuck you! Set me down, you bastards!"

"How would you like it if I did... this?"

The Infernape plucks and breaks the G string from my uke. The sound of the nylon string pinging through my ears gives me the most discomfort I have ever felt in a long time.

Along with the end of the G string follows the demise of the C string. I smack myself. Hard. The E string follows. My world is crumbling. Finally, he breaks off the A string. The final survivor.

The Decidueye and Greninja throw me to the concrete ground forcefully. Blood spews from my nose to the front of me.

This ground tastes like Arceus knows what was on this slab, metal from the blood of my lips and nose, and salt from the tears flowing from my eyes.

My stomach feels very uncomfortable all of the sudden. Did I swallow something?

"At least... he didn't break the whole thing... I can easily replace-"

A loud smash of a wooden object halts my thoughts immediately. I try to swallow my teardrops as much as I can before eventually passing out into the dark abyss of the loss of consciousness.

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