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Listen and believe you can do as good as the nature.


You‘re walking. It‘s dark and the stars shine bright. The moon lights your way. Concentrate and listen to everything around you.

What do you hear?

The wind?

The wind? The threes?

The wind? The threes? Your breath.

The wind? The threes? Your breath. Maybe the river next to you.

The wind? The threes? Your breath. Maybe the river next to you. What else?

The street with cars far away.

Your footsteps.

The church.

Listen closely. Do you hear the silence?

The silence of the darkness?

Can you hear the stars? The moon?

The peace of the nature with you in it?

We talked about hearing. Think about those things again. Now tell me, do you feel them?

Do you feel the perfection? The threes. The wind, who plays with their leafs. The moon who shines so bright that it seems you could see everything

The stars, every single one of them shining through the darkness. Anything around you lives. In the cold, in the warm. By day and by night.

Even in the rain, the sun, the snow.

You feel it? Those perfect things you can feel, even if its dark.

Don‘t you think you can too? Not everyday is bright. There comes a time everything seems grey and dark. You even feel the darkness inside you.

But you feel it outside too. Around every piece of life. But they won‘t stop living. You hear them. Believe in you and take the energy from the nature.

Go outside and listen. They‘re doing great, even by night. When everything lost his color and the sun is gone. They know it‘s not permanent.

They feel the same as you. They do, every night. And you too. Think about it. It‘s not permanent. And all together, they help each other survive the darkness until the sun comes out on the next day.

Go out and feel it. It‘ll help you too. Talk. Listen. Cry. Scream. Maybe you can hear them too.

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