The Teleporter
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A futuristic invention holds dark implications. What happens when technology takes more than just your identity?

The Teleporter

Step right up to the amazing new invention that’s going to change the world! Evolution folks! Revolution indeed! Science and comfort brought together to give you the best in travel.

Say, are you constantly late? To work? To that dance recital? Miss the big game? Dinner with the spouse?

What about vacations? Travel? Haven’t you wanted to see the great pyramids or how about visiting the Moon? Let me guess, you don’t go because you can’t afford the ridiculous ticket prices.

Well dear no more and step right up my dear friends! Behold the incredible invention that’s sure to change every life both at home and abroad! Now you too can simply teleport where you’d like to be, and boom, you’re living it!

Its so simple that I can’t believe it took us this long to discover and utilize such masterful technology. Step right up folks, and witness the amazingness of the Teleporter. Can I have a member of the audience come forward?

Who would like to teleport? Who would like to experience the future of travel? Who among you desires to see what tomorrow will be!?

Yes, you Sir. Come forward! It’s truly simple, why don’t you go ahead and step into this area here so the machine can scan you. There we go, now watch it work folks!

Watch in real time as the machine scans your body’s entire molecular make up. Now here it goes, poof! Gone!

As it maps out our volunteers entire molecular and genetic structure, it sends that information via satellite directly to the other Teleporter in which you wish to emerge from. Once the data is received on the other end, the Teleporter simply reconstructs that mapped structure from the atoms present.

And just like that, our volunteer is on The Moon! Look folks, peer into your screens for yourself! There he is, teleported from here all the way there in a manner of seconds!

*A man in the crowd raised his hand* “If the Teleporter is copying our atomic structure to put it back together elsewhere, does that not mean what comes out the other end is simply a clone? It is not actually transmitting the molecules, just making a copy that the other end of the Teleporter can then reproduce!”

Did the original “us” actually die while an exact copy of us emerges on the other side; intact with all our memories literally up until stepping into the Teleporter?

*Far away in a military base, a Commander watched the Teleporter surveillance. He watched one copy of the volunteer be molecularly reassembled on the Moon, followed by a second copy of the volunteer appearing inside the base.

There were now two copies of the volunteer; one out there and one here inside the base. And with the original volunteer dead from being disassembled, he would have zero claim to the clones. An army had begun to be built. He smiled.

Now to get these into every home and business across the globe.

Step right up, folks, and witness the future!

What happens when we give ourselves over to technology? What happens when we make copies of copies of copies? Each minuscule mistake amplified into infinity. Who were you?

Step right up and be the next to witness the amazing power and ease of The Teleporter!

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