The Taking Tree
The Taking Tree scary stories

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An axeman decides to enter a Dark Forest.

The Taking Tree

At the edge of an old town stood a mighty and thick wood. For longer than anyone could remember, no man had cut down a tree from its seemingly endless army of tall pines. There were many legends, none of which the Lumberjack believed.

Sure, he had considered going back to town, but he was already several hours into the forest. Looking for something. Something special.

From the tallest spire in town, one could see strange trees near the center of the wood. Taller than the rest...dark with purpled leaves that seemed to detest the sun. Lords of the Forest, they were called.

And that they were.

The Lumberjack pulled a small sharpening stone from his satchel and slowly worked the old steel blade of his axe as he finally approached the first of the strange trees. It stood oddly alone in a small clearing.

At the foot, a skeleton entombed in roots lay.

The Lumberjack smirked; this must be where all the scary tales had come from. Some wanderer whose eyes had taken in the sight, magnified by fear and enchanted by years of being told around town.

Foolish, he thought as he held the axe before him and looked up the tree. He ran a thumb down the blade; it was perfect as a new razor. Without hesitation he swung it hard and true, letting the metal bite deep into the Strange tree.


Again. And Again.

Again. And Again. Another time.

The Lumberjack carved his way deep into the tree as an hour ticked by. Then another. He wiped his brow as the tree groaned and swayed, as if holding desperately against the attacks of the axe.

A few more swings and the beast would be felled.

He struck again. From above a great crack. He tried to move, but was too slow. A large branch had fallen on him.

He was pinned to the forest floor, leg broken.

The tree creaked and moaned more in the wind, the gash in the trunk all but completely through. The Lumberjack tried to move the branch, but it was no use.

The tree cracked, bark shot in all directions as it slightly leaned toward the Lumberjack. Then again. And Again.

Just like the swings of his axe, it began to break more and more. The giant Strange Pine would not go alone.

A tree fell in the woods.

A tree fell in the woods. But no one was around to hear it.

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