The Mustang
The Mustang scary stories

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A boy finally gets to drive his fathers mustang...but why?

The Mustang

Jim was excited as hell as he put the keys in the ignition and cranked up the engine. He couldn’t believe his dad was actually letting him take the mustang out for the night. Probably because Mom was away on a trip for work.

Jim tore out of the driveway off to the lake to meet up with some friends. When he got to the lake, everyone wanted to take turns driving Jim’s fathers red mustang. So shiny and new, and very fast.

After a few spins around the dirt roads, Jim decided to move to the back of the car to let others sit up front. That’s when he first noticed that something was jostling around in the trunk.

He paid it no mind at first, but the noise seemed to grow louder and louder. Finally he asked them to pull over so he could hop out and check.

Flipping open the trunk hit them all with a strong smell. So much so that they all had to step back, a few gagging off in the grass.

There was nothing there. And now the smell was gone too.

Jim and his friends quickly closed the trunk and decided to head back to the lake to finish partying. By the time Jim pulled back into the driveway at home, it was well past midnight.

Walking into the house, he noticed his father was gone. Thud. From outside. Sure it was his dad, Jim went back out to the driveway.

There was nothing. He pivoted to go back inside. Thud. He turned back to the car just in time to hear it again.


It was coming from the trunk again. Jim slowly made his way to the back of the sports car and popped the trunk.

Nothing again.

As he closed the trunk, he found himself staring at his father. Jim’s cell phone began to ring. “You gonna get that?” His father asked as the two stood cold staring at one another.

“Hello, is this Jim?” Said the voice. “This is detective Donner with the NBPD. We have evidence that your father John has killed his wife and put her in the trunk of his mustang. Son where is your father?”

“Everything ok?” Dad asked with a smile before hopping into the mustang and driving off into the black night.

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