The Demons of Shadow Moon - Part 5
The Demons of Shadow Moon - Part 5 demons stories

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As the months go by, Luna starts to build a relationship with the girl she idolses...

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The Demons of Shadow Moon - Part 5

As the months went by... things started to feel like home with Akira and Echo.

I'd always watch Echo's incredible fighting skills.

Her powers were beyond incredible!

But... it seemed like, at first, she didn't seem to like me too much.....

"Hu!" Echo let out a grunt as she unleashed her sun magic into the air.

The immense power of her magic sent her blasting back!!!

I gasped in awe.

"Ouch!" she grunted, eyes squinting from the burn.

"Tst..." she turned herself away from me to hide any indication of weakness.

I clapped intensely, sat watching from the forest floor.

"That was amazing, Echo-chan!! You're so cool!" I beamed.

She panted, glimpsing at me without a smile.

"Hm," she walked over to me to get her weapon that rested by my feet.

"How did you get so powerful?" I wondered.

"How did you get so small?" she replied coldly, picking up her sword and examining it.

"Err... am I small?" I mumbled, looking down at myself.

"I guess... my parents were small too?" I guessed.

"..." Echo glimpsed back at me as she lowered her sword.

"So you really don't remember anything?" she asked.

I shook my head.

"Akira seems familiar, though..." I mentioned.

Echo didn't react...

"How strange," she commented.

"I know, right?! Like, I don't understand why I'd recognise him somehow unless-"

"I was talking about you," Echo interrupted.

"Ugh??" I let out in surprise and confusion.

"You're so... happy,"

"After getting abandoned and finding out you can't remember your own family..."

"I would have thought you'd be a bit more of an unstable mess like the rest of us," Echo commented.

"Oh... well... I guess it's because I don't remember them that... I don't really feel like I've lost much," I replied, tears suddenly forming in my eyes.

"But, now I think about that, it just makes me feel awful!!!!"

"Aaaahhh hehhhhhh!!! I'm a horrible person!!!" I suddenly burst into tears.

"Uh......" Echo gasped, a little unsure of how to handle a crying child.

"Ugh, relax. If they're the ones who abandoned you, they probably won't care," Echo attempted to cheer me up.

"Aaaahhhhhhh haaaaahhhhhhh hehhehehhehe!!" I cried more.

"Ah! Damn it!" Echo panicked, stance turning to me.

"Hey, look. Eh-- if it makes you feel any better, I lost my family too," she stuttered.

"Uh... really?" I moved my arms from covering my eyes to look up at her.

"... Yeah. I used to live in a village around here,"

"But... One day, it was taken away from me, along with everyone I cared for," she revealed.

"So we can be tragic backstory buddies?" I whimpered.

"Wha- No! Look, the point is, you don't need to be sad about the things you lost because now..."

"You've at least found us, right?" Echo mentioned rather awkwardly.

"Uh..." I gasped.

"Did your family get you that stripped hoody...? The one that matches your eyes!"

"I notice you wear it quite a lot! Hehe," I mentioned.

"Uh... umm!! I wear it because it's one of the only things that survived the perishment of my village!" Echo claimed.

"Oh... so what does the m stand for?" I wondered, recalling there was an "m" stitched onto the jumper.

"Mind your damn business," Echo snarled.

"O-oh......" I whimpered, cowering like a puppy.

Echo hesitated, seeing my drop in happiness.

"Hm, Come on. You must be getting bored of just watching me all the time"

"Let's play a game," Echo suggested, lowering her hand to me.

"Uh... r-really???" I stuttered with a slight smile.

"Sure thing. You've got 10 seconds to hide before I attack you!" she smiled with the most delight I'd ever seen from her.

"Uh- wait, that's not how-"

"One," she stated, closing her eyes with a massive grin.

"Agh!!" I panicked, running for my life.

"Hmhm," she grinned, squinting her eye open slightly to watch me run.

"She's a cute little annoyance. I'll give her that," she muttered.

Then there was Akira, who wasn't quite so mean to me.

He taught me all sorts of things...

He taught me all sorts of things... But I'll tell you about that next time ;)

To be continued... 💖

To be continued... 💖 I hope you're enjoying the story so far! There's plenty more to come!

And remember, you can read ahead on wattpad ;D

Oh, and before you go! You've seen Echo has sunlight powers. But what kind of powers do you think Luna might develop? ;)

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