The Demons of Shadow Moon - Part 1
The Demons of Shadow Moon - Part 1 fiction stories

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Awake. But the nightmare has not ended. It's simply been forgotten...

Welcome to the first part of my supernatural adventure: The Demons of Shadow Moon.

Let me know what you all think! Do you like the style? Have I made it easy to read? Are there too many pages or too little? 😥

Any suggestions, criticism, and other feedback is massively appreciated!

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The Demons of Shadow Moon - Part 1

It was dark...

... until I felt the burn of sunlight drift over my eyelids.

Why was it so bright...?

I could hear birds singing away, and the splashing of water running down a river.

Peeling my eyes open, I was surprised to see the life-full surroundings...

"A... forest...?"

My voice was weak. My whole body felt heavy, yet so fragile...

I slowly lifted to my feet, and observed my surroundings.

Although the nature enclosing me emitted so many sounds...

Although the nature enclosing me emitted so many sounds... it was silent.


There was nothing.

I raised my hand to push my hair behind my ear. That's when I noticed it...!

A tear...? My eyes are watery... why...?

It took a few seconds for my mind to collect itself...

Wait. Where am I...?

Who... who am I?!

How did I get here?!

I can't remember anything! Nothing at all! What's my name? Do I have a name?!

As these thoughts consumed my mind, the light of day turned to the darkest night!

The singing of the birds became tortured screams!

The splashing of the gentle river became fierce waves of destruction!

I didn't know what was happening!

So, I panicked...

And ran!

I didn't know where or for how long, but I knew I had to run!

I had to get away! From this place! From this nightmare!!

As I ran, I suddenly felt my body launch forward, abruptly tripping over an overgrown tree stump.

I skid into the dirt!

But, wait... It wasn't a stump.

I pulled my spinning head up to find a pair of eyes staring down at me.

It was a young boy...!

In his gaze...

In his gaze... I saw kindness.

"Are you ok, little one?"

His voice was so soft... so fragile and gentle.

His tone was calm and tranquil as if to confirm that everything was ok.

The boy had fluffy black hair, complete with a kind of simple yet...

The boy had fluffy black hair, complete with a kind of simple yet... Broken smile.

He was wearing a long black jacket with red lining the sleeves and end. Grey fur padded the shoulders.

He also had a red, diamond-shaped jewel on a necklace...?


Wait... why...

Wait... why... does he seem so familiar?

I feel like... I've seen him before. He seems so... important to me but--

I just can't think why...!

Why do I feel like this? Why can't I remember anything?


What... happened to me?!

As I gazed further at the boy...

An image of him covered in blood, wearing that soft look, abruptly broke into my mind!

In my dismay, my arms fell weak as I scurried back in fear.

My back bashed against a tree, but my gaze with the boy refused to break.

His expression was frowning with concern and pity.

Almost like a puppy....

Slowly, he bent down to my level, assuring me he was of no threat.

"Here, let me help you up. What's your name?" he asked, offering a hand.

Although his voice was so soft...

Although his voice was so soft... I didn't answer.

I met his gaze without movement, too nervous to accept his hand.

He seems so...

He seems so... familiar.

To be continued... 💖

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