My Neko Soulmate - Part 2
My Neko Soulmate - Part 2 neko stories

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After running into a boy claiming to be his soulmate, Uri tries to go about a normal day at school...

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My Neko Soulmate - Part 2

After meeting the strange fluff child... we headed to class, just in time.

"Yo, Uri! Where ya been? I was waiting for you," my friend called me over as I stumbled into the classroom, out of breath.

Oh, yeah, this is Haruko. My best friend... and pretty much only friend...

"Sorry, Haruko. I err... got sidetracked," I sighed, walking over to him.

Yeah.... sidetracked........

"Sidetracked, huh? Is that code for drawling over Sayuri again?! Haha!" Haruko teased.

"Uh! No! As a matter of fact, I haven't even seen her yet today so you can shut it!" I detested out of embarrassment.

Sayuri, as you can tell, is kind of my crush...

"Geez, you're so hopeless. So who's the new guy?" Haruko asked, tilting his head to the boy behind me.

"Huh?" I muttered.

He pointed to Neko, who was stood rather close behind me, hand gripping my jacket and ears lowered down towards his head.

"Gah! Why are you so close?!! Get off me!" I shoved him away.

"Ah!" Neko clumsily stumbled back.

"What the heck's with your presence?! I couldn't even tell you were behind me..." I mentioned in slight discomfort.

"Don't worry. I'll always be by your side, even if you don't see me," he smiled.


"Your friend's creepy," Haruko mentioned bluntly.

Couldn't agree more...!

"He's not my friend," I corrected him.

"Huh?!!!" Neko let out in deep shock and offence, eyes about to burst in tears.

"Wow. That's cold, Uri. Wait to be a jerk to your classmate. What's your name, new kid?" Haruko asked.

"Oh! Neko!" he switched moods immediately.

"Neko? As in cat? That's a strange name... and what's with the weird markings on your hair?"

"... I mean, they look cool but... kinda strange," he asked, referring to his apparent blue marking in his hair that matched his tail.

But I guess he can't see his tail...

"Tst... and I'm the mean one...?!" I grunted under my breath.

"Did you dye it as an act of rebellion against your dad like Uri?" Haruko wondered.

"Oh, shut up," I grumbled.

"Oh, no, I was born with these," he answered.

"Like a birth mark? Huh... You're really strange... hah. You seem cool, though,"

"So why you being mean to him, Uri?" Haruko asked, leaning on his desk.

"Ah! Me?!" I snapped in frustration.

Haruko let out a slight chuckle as the teacher came in the room

"Alright, class. In your seats," she sighed with a frown.

"Oh, right. Where's the new kid?" she added with little enthusiasm.

"Ah! Here, Miss!" Neko raised his hand with an excited grin.

"Everyone, new kid. New kid, everyone. Moving on!" she introduced him as Neko's hand fell back down in disappointment.

"I wanted to introduce myself properly to everyone......" he sulked as his body faded of colour.

This kid is such a child. Is he even my age?! He's way too happy to be 17...

"Geez, so childish..." I mumbled.

"WAIT!! YOU EVEN HAD A SPEECH PREPARED?!!!" I snapped, noticing the crying boy pout at several sheets of paper.

"Mmmm!!" he sulked, head dropping to his desk, which, by the way, just happened to be right next to mine.

What the hell is wrong with him? This isn't kindergarten. It's like he's never even set foot in a high school.

I sat silently, watching him for a second before turning my attention to the teacher.

Throughout the class, I couldn't help but glimpse at him now and then.

I mean, he has flipping ears and a tail! How can I just ignore that...?!

But every time I looked over, his ears would twitch, and he'd look over to me and just smile and wave. Then the teacher would tell him off...

I also noticed a lot of muttering...

I definitely heard some of the girls at the back mention 'cute', 'new guy' and 'did you hear what Jessica did?' (since some things never change).

I hurried off with Haruko to the cafeteria after the second class had finished.

Luckily, just as I suspected, Neko got held back by a bunch of girls chatting him up.

Typical when there's a new guy...

Just how is this all going to work out?

To be continued... 💖

To be continued... 💖 Let me know if you want more! ^^

And remember you can read ahead on wattpad ;) Ya know you wannaaaaa :3 Link in description!

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