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lunarmoon Community member
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im no longer me im hiding inside

who am i

im no longer me

im hiding inside

nobody knows who i am

i am lost

lost on the inside but not on the out

it looks like im fine

but thats not me

im to afraid

to afraid to be me

to be who i really am

because really

i dont even know who that is any more

im to broken up inside

cant figure what goes with what

so it can be fixed

to make me better

because i lost myself a long time ago

so i act like i,m fine

i try to be this normal girl

i try to be something that,s no longer me

someone that is funny makes them laugh and fill all right

a girl that is loved by every one every thing

but all that is is acting

i have not been myself for a long time

cuz i lost who i really am

and i cant get it back

im to afraid to find out who i really was

or am even now

but maybe that will never change

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