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We have that one person that makes you happy make you smile when stuff get hard and that what this is about


We have that one person that makes you happy

make you smile when stuff get hard

you fill nothing can go wrong

you love him

You care for him

You don't know what it is

that makes you fill this way

like it's only you guys

you could just do anything

know one would care

Because being around him makes you forget



Cuz once you truly love someone

It's hard to get past them

you will do anything

won't be able to let them go

leave them alone

no forgetting them

they are the one

That makes you smile when no one else can

will make you laugh when you are mad

fill as nothing bad can happen

You want this to last

You want to be here in his arm

Where he loves you

Where nothing can go wrong

But it does

It's time

To say goodbye

To go back to my misery

Where I am lost & cannot be found

Where I cry in the darkness

From people before

That treated me like a toy

Like they could just mess around with me

Used me for their benefit

Like I would int care

But I did

That made me disfigured

all torn up & wounded

From the pain that they caused me

it made me want to die

To get rid of it

I start to feel good here & there

Then They tear me down

break my heart

call me names

This what makes me want to end it all

But this all stops

When I forget

When I am with him

He makes it stops

Makes me laugh

It's not just me

We both forget the pain we have

We go To this place

Ware it's just us

Ware I can say I love you

he can say it back

No one there to jug us

To put us to sham

To make us fill like we don't belong

It's where i fall asleep in his lap

think of all the happy times

Of me & him

Running through the night

Or even Sitting on his bed

Under the cover

Laughing crying making each other feel alright

We sneak a kiss

don't expect it

but we love it

I don't want it to end

I want to stay here in his arms

Where he holds me tight

Clutches me

So I cant let go

He loves me

I love him back

I don't want to go

To my misery

leave him in the dark

to be alone anymore

but i have to

cuz this is how it is

at least it wont last long

i hope

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