"Hunters of Ambrose"
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lunamovas Lo mejor está por ser~
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Hello everyone! I got a new idea. Read and find what it is..

"Hunters of Ambrose"

Hello everyone! I was thinking so much to do something interesting in Commaful & I got an idea.. I am gonna start a novel called "Hunters of Ambrose". This novel is based on a school which has many Mysteries in it & some friends who find out them

Anyone can join to "Hunters of Ambrose" novel. This novel is full of "Adventures, Mysteries, Fun, Secrets & many more things" You just have to fill up this form and put in the comment section..

Here is the form, Nickname: Pronouns: Group or Alone(5 in a team): People whom you would love to have in ur team(tag the person): One random skill: Hair colour: Your character(student, teacher, head master/mistress. Btw, there can be only 5 head mistresses and masters. also only 10 teachers):

This can be so fun and also interesting haha... Filled up with horror an maybe death too.. Join to enjoy.. haha.. I'll post the rules and more info on Monday.. Until Monday you all can join..

Also don't forget to give a shout out.. Then, your friends will know about this too

IMPORTANT: Being in a team will be good as there will be challenges and many things to solve.. So in my opinion you better team with some members

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