A perfect storm
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Love is always a diaster

A perfect storm

I have lived through a tornado disaster, but not the ones you’ve seen on tv

Many saw the warnings of a tornado brewing, but I did not

Everyone saw these reckless dangerous winds, but I saw beautiful tropical breezes

People fled the area where the tornado was going to hit, but I trusted it will not turn into a disaster

I was wrong

I was wrong, the tornado slammed me against a wall, I heard a glass shattered; it was my ribs

I was wrong, it choked with it’s mighty powerful winds that I once mistaken for summer breezes

I was wrong for every trusting that this tornado will not turn into a disaster that it will not hurt me

I should have paid attention

I should have never gotten close to the tornado, why did I approach this natural disaster

I should had left when I had to chance

I should have...done something…

Why did I wait till it turned into a disaster

Why did no one try to help

Why did you have to hurt me when I tried to help you

Why did I ever fall for you

I was waiting for the blue skies to appear I had hope

I was waiting for a single drop of rain I had hope

I was waiting for a single sun ray to shine I thought I had hope

I was waiting for a comet to hit me

I lost hope

Did I ever have hope?

I wanted you to change but not like this

When did I lose hope?

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