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LunaGrimmJust an ordinary space kid.
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This is based off my perspective of being in love with a drug addict.


by LunaGrimm

"Emmerson, she's here." Crawling from the bed, looking like a corpse, I shuddered, "I told you guys she wasn't supposed to know about this."

Keeping the door closed Jay sighed, "Em, look, man. She just wants to help you, she does." "Oh, does she now? Because last I..."

Slowly dragging open, the door revealed Rose. Standing right outside my door. "I'm sorry man, I really am Em, but I just wasn't gonna let her not know," "Thanks for nothing, Jay."

Closing the door to my room behind him, Rose quietly stood at my bedside. "So, how have you been?" Dragging the words from her mind to her mouth, I scoffed before standing.

Covering my scars and needle wounds she had sighed, "That bad, huh? Laughing and grabbing a long sleeve I glared into her soul.

"Don't even come at me like you care. Don't cause if you did you would've came after the first hospitalization." Taking a seat on my bed she watched me rummage,

"But I do care, I love you, Emmerson." Pointing a cigarette to her I broke like glass, "Do you!? Because I don't think you do at all Rose! I mean I can't seem to sleep at all. Can you?!"

Lighting up I continued to rummage as I trembled, "If you really did, you wouldn't have left. Bullshit with the whole, "You'll be okay." I mean, you don't love me."

Finding my needle and bag, I sat in the corner while she cried, "What so you're just gonna shoot up in front of me now?!" Dropping everything, I stopped trembling,

"I did it when you left Rose... What's the difference." Crawling towards me, she kissed me with tears in her eyes, "The difference is a ghost wouldn't kiss you."

Choking back every emotion I was feeling, I looked away struggling to speak and nodded, "In my dreams she would." Trembling immensely I whispered, "Just don't leave like she would."

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@michaelschulze yeah, that's usually how it works.

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Having been dependent on drugs for pain relief for nearly half a century so basically being a drug addict i know only to well how you push people out of your life even when you want nothing more in the world than to hang onto them for dear life