Please, let me keep this memory.
Please, let me keep this memory. stories

lunagrimm Just an ordinary space kid.
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This unbroken cycle of broken sleep patterns are all of you I have left, so please let me keep the memories too, this love is all I have left for you.

Please, let me keep this memory.

The one where the butterflies buzzing around my chest like bees don't hold as strong of a sting.

Or the thorns I left in my back when I fell in love with you.

The one where I fell in love at 1,

Kissed you at 2,

Missed you at 3,

Walked you home at 4,

Waited for a call till 5,

Drank after 6,

woke up at 7 and went back to you,

Stayed the night at 8,

Woke up with you at 9,

Rode our last Ferris Wheel at 10,

Left at 11 and waited to get a call till 12.

The one where the numbers weren't in order because it was different every day.

Let me keep the memories of 1 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Because the thought of you clouds my head every day.

And I'd love for you to stay but I don't want you to make you go away.

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