I'd Make You Coffee.
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lunagrimm Just an ordinary space kid.
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This is about a woman who pulled me out of a depression, and made me feel alive again. Who made me cherish something as beautiful as coffee again. There's a lot of hidden meaning and symbolism in this one.

I'd Make You Coffee.

by LunaGrimm

Do you ever plan to sleep over? If you do, I could make you coffee before you left. Or if it was the other way around, you could make me coffee?

No, no, no..

I wake up early so I’d probably still make you coffee and leave it at your bedside before I left, but the thing is.

I don’t believe that I’m significant enough to do something so intimate with something as beautiful as coffee.

Or something as beautiful as you.

Maybe, we could just meet up for coffee?

And I could talk about the night sky back in town and compare the differences of them from your new home and from my “home.”

Or, no, no, no, maybe.

Maybe there shouldn’t be coffee. I don’t want to ruin something as beautiful as coffee for you, I’m already scared enough to ruin you. So maybe coffee is a no-no.

Maybe, there should be coffee, just without me.

And with someone else, yes, because I do believe I’m not significant enough to be a part of that.

I’m sorry, however, if you weren’t in such a rush;

I’d make you coffee.

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