Empty Homes and Messy Beds
Empty Homes and Messy Beds mine stories

lunagrimm Just an ordinary space kid.
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Oh man, let's just not.

Empty Homes and Messy Beds

by LunaGrimm and Shane Nute

I found your shirt on my floor.

It feels like you were only here days before.

And my shirt was on you, but now it's on someone else's floor.

You took from me what was mine, and now I only have a memory of you.

I've buried myself in sheets that aren't mine to try and erase that memory.

But when they're taking off my clothes you're all I can see.

So I close my eyes and pretend that their skin is the skin I built a home in.

My hands search for yours but I just find empty bones.

My heart pounds against her chest to be let inside but her door doesn't open.

You hurt me, because after him, you didn't know what to do. So what I'm now doing to her, is what he did to you, what you did to me, too.

She's digging into my back much like you did, but this time it hurts.

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