Lest I crush all
Lest I crush all control stories

luna_sol Community member
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I would be pulling the knife out of your chest to stab into my beloved's

Lest I crush all

My heart drops into the pit and waves well up into my hidden smile. I'm choked by the possibility.

This is possible but deadly. A flood of blinding life for short secret moments and death remains in its wake.

Potential breaking the surface of the chaos below. This creative union could be something great.

Enchantment could kill it in an instant.

Can fascination be kept away? Does creation not also birth affection?

Inevitable internal flurry and flutter.

This could make me the grim reaper.

Chemicals toss and react within and without warning or conscious intent. Spontaneity embodied regardless of will.

Bind my thoughts so actions won't follow.

Thinking for a breath is too much. I choke. I would be pulling the knife out of your chest to stab into my beloved's.


My reaction is more than what I see, more than attraction. It's more. I feel the power of what our combined imaginings could ignite.

Intrigue must be held at bay, held captive, held but not entertained.

Lest I crush all in one breath.

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