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lulu99 It all started with “Dear Diary”
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A little appreciation for brown eyes💛
Inspiration: Get You - Daniel Caesar ft. Kali Uchis


Your eyes, I seek them with mine. Honey I think. Glimpses of luxury sweetness discover my raven soul. You come closer and not only do I catch your honey looking at mine.

I'm met with something better, like a fisherman out in sea, I fish for your thoughts with my dark coal eyes.

What are you thinking Gold soul? Are you thinking of our love? I'll tell you a little something about it. Our love is like honey on a comb. Clingy and sweet when devoured.

Adapts to any environment you set it in. Our love flows smoothly between us just like honey's serene travel through all bends, cracks, and edges of a comb.

And your eyes, your mystic set of eyes have proven to me that honey can turn dark ever so quickly.

Though our love is charming and pure, like many it's a soldier in battle, fighting and overcoming obstacles. Just like honey from a honeybee.

Its components and color come from the gardens of exquisite flowers and journeys nature's fairy overpowered, creating a magical liquid so endearing to every heart.

That's the definition of you to me my love, you endear my heart. For I have learned about the origins of your darkness. Dark pools that made your history.

History that is just begged to be shared, but shared with who? I bet you'd ask yourself. Well, look at how your story destined itself to find my very own shadow.

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