High School Diaries - Volume 1 By: Lulu May Wilson
High School Diaries - Volume 1

By: Lulu May Wilson diary stories

lulu I'm a young girl who writes.
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I know that this sounds like some dumb thing taken from the "Diary of a Wimpy Kid Series," and "Dork Diaries," but it is not. If that is what you wanted, then this is not the story that you're looking for. No, you won't find any silly doodles or stretched truths here. This story is life, it's dark, but somewhat unbelievable.

High School Diaries - Volume 1 By: Lulu May Wilson

I know that this sounds like some dumb thing taken from the "Diary of a Wimpy Kid Series," and "Dork Diaries," but it is not.

If that is what you wanted, then this is not the story that you're looking for. No, you won't find any silly doodles or stretched truths here.

This story is life, it's dark, but somewhat unbelievable.

If you don't believe it by any means, then I totally understand, but I wanted to note that everything written in this series is totally true and taken out of my own "Diaries" Also,

I'm really bad with titles, so if you can figure out something better for me to call this,

then (I'm new to this site so I may sound like a total moron right now) DM me {You can do this here right} and if I like it, then I'll credit you,

and change the name of this series to the better name that you came up with. Yes, this at one point was private, but I decided to post it, I feel like maybe it will help with my...

Yeah, I have no idea, it'll give me another reason to not be impulsive, give it three weeks. This is totally unedited though except for this note.

I wrote this diary two months ago, and I read it again, then found myself impatient. That's it, and that's why I decided to put it online.

You will figure it out as you read it, it's pretty messy. More volumes are coming, in fact, I'm still writing in the same diary to this day.

Dear Diary, No, this is lame, why am I formally greeting a book... Better: Here's A Note In A Book,

I don't really understand what it is to care about another person. Well... I think that I do...

I like spending time with Emily, or, I guess, Sophie is what everyone is calling her now, per her request.

Jackson is a blast to be around, that is, when he's not making me the laughing stalk of the room.

Just to note, his name is, in fact, Martin, he just decided one day that his middle name, Jackson, is cooler. That was a long time ago, actually I really don't remember, I'll have to ask.

When it comes to Sophie, it's not a middle name or anything, she just decided that, and I quote,"It fits more than Emily."

There it is, I can't begin to describe emotions, I'm sure that there's some reason that they exist, but they really can be annoying to deal with. My name is Lulu, I'm sure that you couldn't have guessed.

There, sarcasm. Totally pointless, in fact some people would be willing to punch my childlike face for showing such a demeanor.

Before you ask, I'm not abused... Unless rude older brothers count.

I'm actually in the same grade as Jackson, and a grade ahead of Emily despite being way younger than them.

Maybe that's why they make fun of me so often. I make them look bad.

I prefer that reason than the simple one that they just don't like me.

Being honest, I tend to be rude in public.

Who likes that?

I do.

I won't bother with anyone's emotions.

I despise people who are routinely fake.

Working at McDonald's and putting on a massive smile while asking if I'd like a Happy Meal.

I tend to laugh in their face, by the way, that's a no.

Like I said, I'm rude. I don't care if I hurt some poor person's feelings. I didn't make fun of their dead mother, I just didn't respect them one bit for the fact that they're older than I am.

Am I too cynical for an eight year old?

That was a rhetorical question.

Nobody can be too cynical.

The more cynical that you are, the less that you will find yourself disappointed.

I'm seldom disappointed.

Every time that I'm disappointed, I see a personal weakness.

Every weakness must be fixed as soon as possible.

If someone sees me disappointed, then they would be able to use it against me.

This isn't a petty worry, this is lifelong strategy.

The world is a game of chess, and every person living on this planet is the other player.

Everyone should think that way, again, it would never put them in a situation to be disappointed.

I've been going on the same thing too much.

I really hate current American politics...

I'm not proud to be American right now.

Here's three totally random things that I'm proud of:

I've won a lot of chess tournaments, some live, and some online.

I cussed off a random man at subway because he called me a little kid after I called him out for putting soda in a water cup.

(He wound up staring at me for the next five minutes as if he wanted to kill me before walking out of the door.

I passed by him again, totally by coincidence much later, and he stared me down again.) My parents saw this, and were furious with me once we got home. Note...

They were not furious with the man who stared at their eight year old daughter as if he wanted to kill her for five minutes, well, they were, I think, but all that they said to him was,

"Oh we're so sorry, this won't ever happen again, sir.") People are too easily offended.

I'm six years ahead in school, but I don't feel like I'm anything special for that.

I'm sure that this is totally naive (did I just admit to saying something naive?): Anyone should be able to get six years ahead with the right mindset.

Actually, the American school system is bullshit. Oh my gosh, every person who will ever read this just got offended, right, an eight year old girl CURSED????

See how minuscule it is...

In this case, it's not even hot air.

No, in this case, it is just ink on a page.

Fuck all of your sensitivities. Boom, I did it.

Let's get it out of the way now.

Hail Satan.

Yes, I screamed that a ton in public once.

I just wanted to see how everyone would react.

An experiment for the below hypothesis:

If I repeatedly scream "Hail Satan" in public, then people will prove to me just how easily that they're offended.

Someone threatened to call the police.

My parents were incredibly embarrassed. (I'm sure it's evident just how little I care about that.)

I thanked the person who threatened to call the police for proving me right, and that they are in fact too easily offended.

I wasn't however asked to leave that store, so I wasn't quite so right as I thought I was.

No, I didn't want to get my family banned from our local Walmart.

It would have been worth proving myself correct though.

This is exactly how I think.

What else did I do???

By the way, I'm atheist. I don't actually believe in Satan, God, or any of that fairy tale garbage.


See... I'm not dead.

Seriously, I'm starting to treat this dumb book like it actually cares what I say. Hell, maybe somebody else will come across it sometime in the future. Maybe they will think like me.

If so, random person, I have a question for you. (I probably won't ever get your answer)

What does it mean to care about other people's feelings? Is it even worth it to do so?

It's beyond me, I'm not bothered when people don't care about mine, therefor, nobody should care when I "forget" to consider theirs right? (Obviously not, but you know what I mean.)

Ok, ok, one more, random person who happens to be out there...

What do you think of me?

I'll describe what I think of myself in three words: Stubborn, smart bitch. Yes, I admit that I'm a jerk sometimes.

Here's what I think of you, mister (or misses) random... I think that you're curious, curious enough to read the words of someone else. Curious enough to be a great person.

Don't let yourself be corrupted by others' emotions. Be true to yourself and to them, the whole world will thank you for it someday. (I think.)

Well... Uh... Goodbye? I guess I'll continue to be formal.

Goodbye not to this dumb book, but to it's readers sometime in the (likely) distant future.

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