Corpses By Luki Siffrin
By Luki Siffrin horror stories

lukisiffrin A cunning foxo writing about life
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My first ever zombie short story! Hope you all enjoy the read. I will say It is a little graphic in descriptive wording in places.

Corpses By Luki Siffrin

I slowly lift my eyelids, and adjust my vision to the dimly lit surroundings. It feels as though i've been asleep for centuries, my bones and muscles ache, throbbing with every pulse of blood through my veins as my brain begins to register my surroundings.

The room I am in is almost completly tiled, walls, floor and ceiling hidden behind a jacket of small, silver squares. Far from clean, something grubby and brown in appearance stain where the walls meet the floor, "How did I end up here in this dump?" I ask myself, as I shut my eyes in disbelief of my newfound predicament.

I attempt to wiggle myself off the bed I'm on to sit up, impossible, I am bound by rope to the corners of the bed. My hands and feet restrained, I groan and slam my head back into the mattress. "What happened last night?"

Talking to myself is not going to get me out of this situation. Looking around for a means of escape, all I notice is a small window, and a small steel door, which appears to be locked. All I can do is wait and try to remember why i’m here.

Staring into blankness I cross examine my thoughts, with frustration, every shred of my existence from my birth until today seems to have been shredded from my soul, my family, my childhood, even my name.

Boiling with resentment and fury, I tug at the ropes that bind my wrists to the poles, fruitless, I scream out with rage, echoing, the sound waves rebound from every surface, breathless, I let my head fall back again, and shut my eyes, and take a deep inhalation of the pungent, still air.

Some sounds started to break the silence, it sounded like a groaning, coming from the outside, although it was faint, it seemed like it was more than one voice. Hope filled me, was I not the only one here? I looked to the window, squinting to adjust to the light, belief turned to shock as I make out the identity of the figures outside.

Corpses! But they were alive, grotty hair falling from their follicules, bloodshot eyes bulging from both sockets, as they stumble slowly towards the building, the groaning increasing in volume.

In my panic, I tug with all of my energy at these ropes, with desparation I pull harder, burning the skin on my wrists, at the peak of my agonising confusion, the door swings open "Spare me!" I yell with all I can expel from my gasping lungs.

A person in a lab coat and thickly rimmed protective goggles barges into the room, "Well, at least the cure works" they say, and they begin to untie the ropes.

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