"Did You Know.."

               "Did You Know.." knee stories

luka_the_dork "The Poet Waits To Paint The Unsaid.."
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Did You Know..?

"Did You Know.."

Did You Know You Are The Light Of My Day?

Did You Know You’re The Reason I’m Not Broken?

Did You Know There’s A Million People In This World, And I Had The Chance To Meet You?

Did You Know You Say The Dumbest Things, Though They Make Even The Saddest People Smile?

Did You Know You’re One Of The Only Reasons I’m Still Alive?

Did You Know Your Words Cause The Whole World To Laugh, Even On The Darkest Days?

Did You Know The Funniest Thing You’ve Said Today Has Been On My Mind, And Causes Me To Laugh Every Single Time?

"Did You Know You’re Kneecaps Don’t Grow Until You’re Four?"

Did You Know You Looked Ridiculous Trying To Demonstrate What Walking Without Knees Looks Like?

Did You Know That You’re The Greatest 𝘈𝘮𝘪 I’ve Ever Had?

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