“Her Eyes”
“Her Eyes” depression stories
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lujain4602Community member
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She couldn’t hold her tears anymore..

“Her Eyes”

Her eyes were like a sea, filled with water, that no one could see. A tsunami is going to occur, but still, she knows that no one cares. She always tries to hold her tears, until everyone leaves.

After this day, where the tsunami came, and she burst out of crying She felt like she's dying, She cried for so long.

She is just like an unknown song, that no one listens to. Because of her loneliness, she feels that to nobody she belongs.

People just see her smile which is fake, It is an earthquake, that hit her heart caused its break, and a tsunami that hit her eyes, made her tears a size of a lake.

Anyone who read this, please tell me what do you think? Is it good?

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