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I little history about food.

Never forget

I will never forget

The first time I enter that place

It was a cold night but the place was as warm as the people there where there.

I sit at a table and that was when I see it, a beautiful image of a plate of spaghetti.

I call a waiter and order one serve of that spaghetti. A waiter give some pieces of bread with a little olive oil in both faces, it was warm and a little salty but enjoyable.

46 minutes later I finally get it and it was worth the wait.

The steam coming off it and the little shinning look that has let me know it was fresh.

It has a very regular orange look on it but because it was that spaghetti, my spaghetti, it looks delicious.

How funny! it has some little pieces of tomatoes all over it, looks so funny and cute over it.

I finally decide to insert my fork into it, right on the middle, the steam starts to come out slowly and smile at that.

Then, I roll the fork slowly while the pasta just follows it. Once I have enough, slowly but surely, I elevate it to my mouth and eat!

The soft and hot of the paste make the little cheese that has over it fused with the tomato sauce and melt inside my mouth while the pasta itself put not restrictions.

I slowly taste it; the taste was as good as I imagine.

Once I finish with that, I decide to take one of those round, robust and good looking meatballs on the left side of my plate, pretty weird position but acceptable, It makes its own.

I insert the fork, now covered with a little of the sauce, in the meatball and in the same manner as I did with the pasta I let it melt in my mouth.

It feels so good when you bite it, and the taste was as good, the little individual's parts of meat were sweaty and maintaining the taste of lamp in there.

Once I finish tasting this delicious main course, cold night in February, in the restaurant "Mom's spaghetti", I take out my phone from my jacket and enter my notes and write "3/5 stars,

their slices of bread are salty, their main course isn't as good as the picture make it look, I wouldn't even give them the change to let me taste their desserts.

Come here if you want to look over taste."

I stand, thank's the waiter that attend me, let my money on the table, and go out of there. With the intention of returning once the improve their food.

Thanks for reading.

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