Lost Hope
Lost Hope dark stories

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Poem about self-harm and bullies.

Lost Hope

Life should not be taken lightly

It is a precious gift

A privilege given to each of us

A simple word can cause someone to do something drastic.

Remember that white dress she wore last week. it is now stained with red.

The group in the corner cause her to risk it.

The words coming from people's mouths can cause others to try to disappear.

The stained material represents the pain that one suffers.

The tear-stained face still has the salty tears running down.

In her eyes, there is lost hope for help.

People will continue to attack because of the weak state she in.

The dress slowly becoming fully red. the purity of the white is disappearing as the scars keep appearing.

She has to walk with her head down for the fear of being seen.

People have abandoned her.

Shunned her because of the lies that were spread.

That dress is now black.

And those people who made fun of her, pay no mind because they succeeded in their doings.

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