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A curious little girl got more than she thought.

Ghost of a Rose

When I was little, about 9, my mother had a beautiful rose garden. Pink, blue, yellow, pink; any color you could think of but black and white, it was in her garden.

We would always go out to the center and sit by the fountain. She would tell my beautiful stories about horses who could fly and butterflies big enough you could fly on them.

But, there was a part of the garden that she told me not to go. A place where only black roses grew.

"The ghost lives in that part." She would say. I would always look up at her with confusion.

"The ghost?" I would ask her. She would nod her head.

"If you go over there, the ghost will take your place of living out in this beautiful world, while you would be left in that dark garden all alone." She told me.

One day, while she wasn't looking, I went to this part of the garden. I was so fascinated by what she said. 'I've always wanted to see a real ghost.' I said to myself excitedly.

As I neared the section, the trees were all dead and the grass was grey. It was cold, like the middle of winter. I saw the gate that was old and worn down from the harsh weather around it.

As I neared it, I could see all of the black roses that were growing inside. They looked like they were well kept and fresh.

"W-who goes there!" A scared voice asked. I jump when I see a pale figure standing on the other side of the gate. He had black hair and dull grey eyes.

I was about to turn away when the pale figure called out to me. "Please! Don't go!"

"A-Are you the ghost?" I asked it. He nods his head. He didn't look like how my mother said he looked. He looked like he was my age and scared.

I went up to him and touched my hands on the gate, not noticing the light glow of it.

"Please, it's so lonely. Can you get me out?" It asked. Being a little girl at the time, I helped him. I got the gate open and reached my hand for him.

When he grabbed my hand, he pulled me through. I could feel the cold air around me as I fell on the dead grey grass. The sound of the gate closing made me turn around.

The boy I just helped was on the other side of the gate. The color in his skin was back and he was looking back at me with a sad look.

"I'm so sorry." He said and started running off. Not knowing what was happening, I run towards the gate once again, but I couldn't touch it. I would get a shock in my hand.

"Mother was right." I say to myself. As I sit down on the grass, I start to cry. The next day, the boy comes back with a white rose in his hand. I looked at him confused.

'Mother didn't have any white roses.' I think to myself.

"I can't get you out, but I won't leave you alone. Here, I got this for you." He said putting the rose through the bars of the gate. I take it and look up at him.

I hold it close to me feeling the warmth it gave off. I quickly plant it in the ground as the boy watches me do so. Once I plant it where I am I start to cry. My tear fell on the rose.

"Why did you do this to me?" I cry. I look up at him once again.

"I needed to save you." He tells me. I give him a confused look.

"Save me?"

"From your mother." He explained further.

"Why?" I ask once again.

"Because, she was the first ghost in this garden." He says. "She was the Ghost of a Rose." Years later, I'm still stuck in the garden. The boy came to visit me everyday.

Soon enough, he passed away just like all humans do. I now sit alone near the white rose that he gave me the first day. I cover it with my hands and close my eyes. Now i'm, the Ghost of a Rose.

A tear slips down my face once again and onto the flower, just like it did all those years ago. I smile up to the sky and allow my spirit to be consumed by the white rose.

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